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Lansweeper IT Inventory Software is an automated management and inventory tool for all IT assets with IP that make up your IT park. A complete scan of your company's IT is carried out and all equipment is detected (desktop, laptop, router, switch, printer, smartphones, etc.) and the status and characteristics of each one are identified individually (serial number, connected user, installed operating system and version, total and available storage space, etc.). This data is gathered in reports that can be customized (by product type, for example).

Lansweeper allows you to:

- Centralization of information: use of grouped, updated and complete data and decision-making based on accurate information.

- Complete visibility: discovery of previously unregistered assets and elimination of points that are no longer needed or unknown.

- Security improvement: identification of risks, vulnerabilities and non-compliance issues.

- Cost cutting: revealing unnecessary expenses and contributing to budget decisions.


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